10 Trucks Delivering

Selecting the right seed for your acres is important – having it available when you’re ready is vital. Each year, beginning in January our 10 Burrus Seed trucks hit the road and begin delivering seed to growers across five states.

At Burrus, we have an outstanding, dedicated Logistics Team. It’s not easy to coordinate the delivery of so many different combinations of product, packaging and treatment options to so many different locations. The window for planting can be very narrow and as farmers ourselves, we understand the necessity of having product available when you need it.

No weather halts Burrus Seed deliveries!

We offer unrivaled service to growers throughout the planting and replanting seasons. Our team works around the clock ensuring customers can contact us with their needs regardless of the day or time. Many Burrus growers can tell stories of a late night, Sunday, holiday or other special accommodation by the Logistics Team to deliver the seed needed.

Logistics Coordinator

Who is the coordinator behind all these moving parts? Greg Schone is our Logistics Coordinator, seamlessly overseeing the movement of countless units of seed across our footprint. The January 2022 delivery season will mark Greg’s 40th year with Burrus!

Greg Schone driving visitors at a 1989 Burrus Seed Field Day in Arenzville.
Tim Greene presenting Greg with the Burrus Impact award in 2021.

Greg was awarded the Burrus Impact award at the 2021 kickoff meeting. This award is given to an individual who exhibits outstanding dedication to helping the customer and the company succeed. Greg’s efforts were very deserving of the honor.

2022 Delivery Season

We will begin delivering for the 2022 planting season in a month! Contact your Burrus Representative to specify any delivery requests you may have. We can even provide planting plan cards to streamline the process for your whole operation. Our team looks forward to supporting you this season!

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