Burrus Soybean Products

If you are looking for performance, you have come to the right place! Third-party test results across our footprint show why the Burrus family of soybean products including the phenomenal DONMARIO™ varieties have growers excited to include Burrus soybeans on their acres.

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Soybeans from Burrus Seed


Burrus is our flagship brand carrying technologies accessed through licenses with Bayer, Corteva and Syngenta. DONMARIO™ brand allows special access to conventional genetics and genetics carrying XtendFlex® and Enlist E3® traits.


Burrus is not tied to a single supplier or trait platform and can offer growers a selection of technologies to best fit their farm while delivering exceptional yield. Our soybean lineup features three varied weed control platforms as well as conventional varieties. The choice is yours – explain your management style and we can recommend the soybeans best fit for you.

Genetic Diversity

The independent ownership of Burrus which allows us the ability to offer multiple traits also enables access to a diverse set of genetics for our soybean products. In addition, our relationship with DONMARIO added a new, global source of genetics unique from our competitors.

Research & Testing

Yes, we take soybean research and testing just as seriously as we do our hybrid seed corn! We believe it shows. We conduct specialized tests across all types of soils and environments to help develop our lineup. We conduct research ranging from planting date to population and everything in between. See for yourself why more growers are experiencing the performance benefits of Burrus and DONMARIO brand soybeans.

They push traits they have. We bring the traits you want. Burrus