Burrus Alfalfa Products

2021 Alfalfa Product Lineup

215FY Hybrid Alfalfa

This alfalfa is a high forage yielding, persistent alfalfa with excellent quality potential. It expresses quick re-growth after cutting to maximize the growing season. 215FY performs best in high producing, well-drained soils. It has a solid disease, insect and nematode resistance package that helps defend itself in adverse environments. 215FY is an alfalfa variety for the dairy or beef producer who demands high tonnages of quality forage. 215FY comes with a premium multi-fungicide package included.

419HY Hybrid Alfalfa

This product is the latest in a long line of high-performance hybrid alfalfa products. 419HY has familiar hybrid characteristics like dense stands with fine-stemmed herbage and fast recovery, and increased yield potential over standard alfalfa varieties. 419HY adds improved agronomic and yield performance over previous lines. For the highest yields of consistently high-quality forage, 419HY is the variety of choice. 419HY comes with a premium multi-fungicide package included.

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