7 Conventional Products

Choice is a pillar of Burrus Seed company. We understand the importance and necessity of choice for growers in the seed industry. As a truly independent company, Burrus is not tied to a single supplier or trait platform and therefore can offer a selection of technologies to best fit their farm.

While we offer an outstanding variety of traited corn and soybean products, we can’t overlook our conventional lineup. We are proud of the yield power behind our conventional corn and soybean options and encourage growers to put them to the test on their own farm in 2022!

Conventional Corn

Choice reigns when it comes to our corn product selection. We have 9 different insect protection options available. Sixteen hybrids have both above and below ground insect protection. Growers looking for above ground only insect protection have eighteen hybrids to choose from. For growers seeking a conventional option, we have four products proven to perform.

For 2022, we offer the following four conventionals, two Power Plus® brand and two Burrus brand options. Click the name of each product for additional information.

Power Plus® 2Y10
  • 104 day maturity
  • Excellent early vigor
  • High yield potential
  • Fast dry down
  • Works across a range of soils
Burrus 5P30
  • 110 day maturity
  • Goes across all soil types
  • Excellent test weight
  • Good foliar package
  • Prefers medium populations
Power Plus® 6Z40
  • 112 day maturity
  • Excellent grain quality
  • Early silk for maturity
  • More yield than it shows
Burrus 6V90
  • 113 day maturity
  • Dependable yield & strong agronomics
  • Great fall appearance
  • Heavy test weight
  • Consistent across varied soils

Conventional Soybeans

Our partnership with DONMARIO Seeds enabled us to offer conventional soybeans for the first time in 2020. DONMARIO has a strong conventional line continually developed from their start in 1982. Learn more about the DONMARIO Seeds story on their website.

For 2022, we have three conventional soybean options. Click the product names to see additional variety information. See the performance data compiled by DONMARIO Seeds on these products in 2021.

  • 3.2 RM
  • PI88788 for SCN management
  • Strong SDS scores
  • Good standability
  • Untreated EZ Load boxes available

  • 3.7 RM
  • Increased yield for maturity
  • Responds to PowerShield SDS treatment
  • Untreated EZ Load boxes and bags available

  • 4.1 RM
  • Best early 4 in the conventional market
  • Manage SCN with rotation and PS or PS SDS treatment
  • Superior adaptability from central MO and central IL
  • STS tolerance

If you are interested in placing conventional corn or soybean products on your farm in 2022, contact your Burrus Representative.

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