3 Product Brands

Our independent ownership allows a multi-brand strategy offering 3 product brands. The varying brands allow us to provide the most diverse set of genetics and traits. This enables our growers to access the product mix to best fit their operation with the convenience of working with a single seed supplier.

The multi-brand approach brings a deeper portfolio of superior products. It allows Burrus to focus on our strength of producing consistent, quality seed to deliver dependable performance. Many growers are looking for unbiased, dependable information. Your Burrus Representative can speak on the pros and cons of each technology and design a portfolio customized for your farm.


Burrus is our flagship brand. It carries both corn and soybeans products with technologies accessed through licenses with Bayer and Syngenta.

Our 2022 lineup offers 12 Burrus brand corn products and 11 Burrus soybean varieties.

2022 Product Lineup


DONMARIO is a soybean-only brand that allows us special access to conventional genetics and genetics carrying Enlist E3 and XtendFlex traits.

For 2022, we have 10 DONMARIO Enlist E3, 5 DONMARIO XtendFlex and 3 DONMARIO conventional varieties available.

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DONMARIO field sign

Power Plus

Power Plus is a distributorship brand granting deeper access into the Corteva portfolio. Today, our Power Plus lineup contains corn products only.

Our 2022 corn hybrid lineup includes 26 Power Plus options.

Power Plus field sign

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