4 Seed Treatment Options

Growers want to make sure the seed they put in the ground is best equipped to perform. With 4 treatment options from Burrus, you can protect your seed investment your way. Burrus offers PowerShield® for corn, PowerShield® for soybeans, PowerShield® SDS for soybeans and untreated options.

A breakdown of the PowerShield formulas for 2022 are below, our team works to continually develop and improve our seed treatments. Ask your Burrus Representative for more information on the options available and what might work best for your operation.

Developing PowerShield

Right Recipe: What chemicals belong in the recipe to maximize stand establishment, early plant vigor and ultimately, yield? We invest time and research dollars to accurately answer this question. Fungicides used must effectively control the diseases that inhibit reaching these plant goals. No single fungicide will fully control Phytophthora, Pythium, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia, along with other diseases. We look for multiple components to manage the full disease spectrum. Insecticide components are also used to manage major pests. Multiple locations planted at different dates identify small but significant differences to deliver the best seed experience.

Right Rate: The most effective rate is prescribed and delivered on each seed. Correct rate is critical to achieving maximum performance. Realize lower rates will lower costs but reduce effective disease control. Our trained professionals using label rates are key to the PowerShield reputation.

Right Return: Value and return on investment help growers have confidence. We understand every input choice you make must be a wise decision. PowerShield is designed to enhance our seed with a goal of providing a $3 return for each $1 invested in treatment. PowerShield leads to better stand establishment allowing us to guarantee our products with a 100% Free Replant policy.

PowerShield® for Corn

FUNGICIDES – Six unique modes of action are combined to provide multiple layers of protection for all major seed diseases, including Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium.

INSECTICIDES – Two unique modes of action deliver multiple benefits: consistent protection over variable emergence environments, pest resistance management and best in class black cutworm protection.

NEMATICIDE – PowerShield contains a biological nematicide that provides economical activity on 11 types of corn nematodes: dagger, lance, needle, pin, ring, root knot, root lesion, spiral, sting and stubby root.

6 Fungicides3 Fungicides6 Fungicides
2 Insecticides1 Insecticide2 Insecticides
1 Nematicide1 Nematicide1 Nematicide

PowerShield® for Soybeans

FUNGICIDES – Four unique modes of action provide layers of activity to protect your soybeans from Pythium, Phomopsis, Fusarium, Phytophthora and Rhizoctonia for a strong early start.

INSECTICIDE – A broad-spectrum seed-applied insecticide provides multiple benefits: improves plant health, reduces early-season soybean aphid populations and reduces early-season damage from seed corn maggots and bean leaf beetle.

PowerShield® SDS for Soybeans

PS SDS – PowerShield SDS contains an additional active ingredient that protects against the fungi that causes SDS and has early-season suppression of soybean cyst nematode. This is especially important when planting soybeans early in the season with greater cool weather risk.

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