11 Mile Radius

‘Shop local’ is a more recent trend for many consumers, but Burrus Seed growers have been doing it for generations! As a matter of fact, roughly 85% of the seed corn we sell is grown within an 11 mile radius of our production plant in Arenzville, IL.

There are many things that differentiate Burrus from other seed companies. Our passion for growing seed is obvious when it comes to the people and the practices involved with Burrus Seed production. For a peek into the activities taking place in Arenzville, follow Todd Burrus on Twitter.

Production Facilities

Our Arenzville facilities are in the same location as our company’s original foundation in 1935. With so much expansion and advancements over the years, it’s still recognizable to those traveling along Arenzville Road!

We invite anyone to come tour our facilities and learn more about what sets Burrus apart in the industry. Contact us to schedule a tour!

Production Team

Today, our production team is led by Kevin Burrus. Kevin marked the 4th generation of the Burrus family joining the business in 2005. Prior to Kevin, his father Todd headed production at Burrus. Kevin and Todd share a work anniversary of June 1 – Kevin celebrated 16 years in 2021 and Todd rang in 45!

Kevin Burrus 16 year work anniversary
Todd Burrus 45 year work anniversary

As a company, we stay focused on continuing to improve our production practices to provide products we are proud to put our name on. Some on our production team have 40 years of experience working with our family producing high quality seed.

Production Practices

Today, our plant includes many state-of-the-art features to ensure the product quality and purity Burrus growers expect. Our color sorters ensure seed quality. We have recently added another new seed treater and soybean cleaning equipment to enhance our quality offerings.

We utilize a unique interplant system for our seed where the male row is on every other 19” center on 38” rows.  This helps utilize all available acreage for seed and helps with purity as the pollen is directly adjacent to the female rows.

Kevin Burrus speaking on Burrus Seed’s production process.

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