DONMARIO MAS on Brownfield

Olivia Rahe, Communications Lead

Members of the media were onsite in Gibson City for the first DONMARIO MAS event held in the United States. Tom Steever of Brownfield Ag News took a few minutes to interview both Todd Burrus and Ignacio Bartolome on the event, as well as the history of the relationship between their respective companies.

DONMARIO MAS was designed to share information on the soybean yield-driving power behind the interaction of environment and genetics – directly from the people who develop, test and advance the products. The concept start over 20 years ago in Argentina and has expanded to every country DONMARIO is available.

The relationship between DONMARIO and Burrus Seed began over two years ago by a chance meeting between Bartolome and a Burrus Sales Manager. The meetings that followed uncovered many shared values and ideas of the two independent, family-owned companies.

In discussing the objective behind the partnership, Todd Burrus shared, “We hope to be able, through genetics and traits, to increase farmer’s yields and with that increase their profitability. That’s been our company goal since the very beginning.”

In his own interview, Ignacio told Brownfield, “Our biggest goal is to work with genotype and environment and the (agronomic) direction to provide the best solution for high yield opportunity to farmers in the US.”

Todd Burrus – 3rd Generation Owner & Director of Agronomy and Business Relations, Burrus Seed
(photo courtesy of Tom Steever, Brownfield Ag News)
Brownfield Ag News interview – Todd Burrus at DONMARIO MAS

Ignacio Bartolome – 2nd Generation Owner & North American Lead, GDM Seeds
(photo courtesy of Tom Steever, Brownfield Ag News)
Brownfield Ag News interview – Ignacio Bartolome at DONMARIO MAS