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Olivia Rahe, Communications Lead

Seed selection for next year’s planting season is front of mind for growers this time of year. Todd Burrus had the opportunity to discuss the topic with WAND-TV’s Sarah Michaels of AgriBusiness Today.

Todd Burrus with AgriBusiness Today‘s Sarah Michaels

Each branch of the company is busy at the end of the year. The testing and research team are analyzing data from their many test sites to better drive product advancement choices for the upcoming year. The production crew is cleaning, treating, sizing and packaging seed to be delivered after the start of the new year. Finally, the sales team members are on the road communicating with growers about the challenges of the 2019 season and how to best approach 2020.

Todd Burrus checking the gravity tables sorting seed corn.

In discussing seed selection, Todd notes, “Proper genetics placed in the right environment is one of the keys to success for a grower every year.” That’s where our team of experts come into play. Our knowledge of Burrus Seed product behavior across environments combined with your knowledge of your operation enables the best start to a new season.

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