Recognizing our 2020 Sales Team


As July comes to an end, so does our 2020 sales season – and what a year it has been!  Our sales team increased corn sales over 2019 and set a new company record for soybean sales.  Prior to the start of a new season, we like to gather and recognize outstanding achievements of our team members.  This year, we were not able to gather but we still found a way to celebrate together, via Zoom call.  We are so grateful to our community of growers and team members for a record setting 85th year in the industry!

Tom Burrus Award

One of the most prestigious awards given at our annual Summer Sales Kickoff is the Tom Burrus Award.  This year marked the third year of recognizing a Burrus Seed team member who demonstrates exceptional dedication towards helping their customers and the company win.  Jeff Hyde was named the 2020 recipient of the Tom Burrus Award.  June 28 marked Jeff’s 10-year milestone with Burrus, and we are lucky to have him on our team!

President’s Club Winners

The President’s Club is an annual roster of sales team members who achieve or surpass a list of goals set at the beginning of the sales year.  This year, we celebrated the largest group of recipients to date, with some marking a multi-year accomplishment.  President’s Club winners proudly feature their years of success via decals on their Burrus Seed pickup’s rear window.  In 2020, the following Burrus Seed salesmen made President’s Club status: Jim Allen, Rob Church, Jeff Hyde, Quinn Moller, Brian Reed, Colby Reilson, Luke Turner and Zach Whitehill (left to right below).

Breakout Performer of the Year

One sales team member is selected each year as the Breakout Performer.  This year’s recipient was Jim Allen who also celebrated his 5-year milestone with Burrus Seed.  Jim had a banner sales year surpassing all his expected sales goals while providing outstanding service to his grower customers.



Burrus Impact Award

New this year, an award was added called The Burrus Impact Award – given to an individual who exhibits outstanding effort and commitment to the company.  Burrus Seed’s Communications Lead Olivia Rahe received the inaugural honor.  Olivia works out of the Jacksonville office and has the opportunity to work closely with multiple aspects of the business, she will celebrate her 5-year milestone with Burrus in October.