Net Effective Stand Counts

Schedule a 2020 stand evaluation to make sure your crops are off to a strong start

Stand establishment has the single biggest impact on yield potential. The quality of your crop stand is as important to yield as population. If there is an issue, understanding your stand quality enables you to address the problem now instead of being surprised later in the season or at harvest. At 3-leaf corn you can tell with a high degree of accuracy the net effective stand and yield potential.

Helping our growers better manage our products throughout the season is all part of the Burrus Seed experience. Go beyond the average stand count and evaluate your corn stand utilizing the net effective stand (NES) formula. A stand review also allows us to discuss soil conditions and potential issues such as weeds, insects or diseases and how to address them.

A scheduled stand review with your Burrus Representative can help answer important crop questions, including:

  • Given the hybrid used, what are the potential impacts on yield?
  • If the stand is high, are additional nutrients needed?
  • If the stand is low, how much will the hybrid compensate?
  • Will seedling development be optimum, will root development be normal?

Our team is equipped with NES evaluation cards to record and track the progress of a field through the early growing season. Following the growth stages closely helps better prepare for the final yield potential and take the steps necessary to protect it.

At Burrus, our goal is to listen to our grower, learn their unique needs and find the best fit for their family, farm and management style. Contact your Burrus Representative and ask for a stand establishment review – we will work together to ensure your 2020 crops are off to a strong start!

Burrus YouTube – Net Effective Stand Count
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