Detassel with Burrus

Welcome! We appreciate your interest in becoming a member of the Burrus detasseling crew. It’s a fantastic way to earn money, learn life-long work skills and be part of a team. Please review the basic things to know, and questions we commonly receive.

Interested in learning why we detassel? Watch Todd Burrus’ interview series with WAND-TVs Sarah Michaels.

How to Apply

In order to detassel, you must be 13 years of age by July 1, 2024. For your employment to be possible, we need the following items:

  • Completed application
  • I-9 form
  • Either a school ID, report card, driver’s license, or State of Illinois ID card
  • Either a Social Security card or a a birth certificate (raised seal not mandatory)
Contact Burrus: or 217.997.5511

Common Questions

Detasseling FAQs

We will call you and hire you when we plan to detassel. Everything depends on the weather and when the corn is ready. So, there is no set date when detasseling actually begins.

There is not a specific time you will be done. However, you will work no later than 2:30pm. When you are finished for the day, you will ride a bus to return to the bus pick-up point. You then may call your ride to notify that person.

If you are aware that you cannot be here, please call 217.997.5511 and alert us. Or, please tell your area supervisor when that person calls roll.

If you are ill, please call 217.997.5511 and notify us before 7:00am that morning.

If you have submitted all of the correct paperwork, there is simply not a work need at the moment. Many different factors go into our hiring process, none of which are personal. Most likely we will be calling you shortly.

Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 4:30pm.

Important Things to Bring

Wear old clothes and closed-toe shoes. We suggest that you dress in layers.

It is a requirement that you bring and wear your Burrus hat. You will receive a Burrus hat on your first day of work, with the first hat being free. If you lose or misplace your first hat, you may purchase another hat.

You are responsible for providing your own lunch. Many detasselers bring their lunch in a small cooler so the can use the cooler to sit on while they eat.

The corn can be very wet in the morning from dew or rain. Many detasselers wear rain gear in the mornings to stay dry and warm, then remove it as the day progresses and the corn dries.

There is little to no shade, we we highly recommend that you bring and wear sunscreen.

Water is provided at the fields, but we recommend that you also bring your own.

We look forward to working with you!