We understand how the family farm works because, we have been farm family owned since 1935. We are different from the corporate-type seed companies. We stick to the basics. We are like a football team that blocks and tackles very well plus runs the ball consistently, executing the fundamentals every day creating a winning tradition. That is Burrus. Burrus has been winning for decades and it is no surprise.

The Burrus mission is to provide quality seed, consistent performance, and exceptional value ensuring the ongoing success of our customers.

Josh Gunther, C.C.A.

Josh Gunther

Product Lead

Troy Horton

Troy Horton

Precision Farming/Director of IT

Chip Turner, C.C.A.

Chip Turner

Research Coordinator

Jamie Long, C.C.A.

Jamie Long

Sales Agronomist


Stephanie Porter, C.C.A.

Stephanie Porter

Sales Agronomist



Burrus has 2020 vision in more ways than one.


Every Stalk Counts.


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