Spring Management of Cover Crops

Rhiannon Branch of Brownfield Ag News interviewed Burrus Seed Field Agronomist Chris Brown, CCA on a Managing for Profit segment. Chris shared tips for spring management of winter cover crops.

Listen to the full interview:
Chris Brown with Rhiannon Branch of Brownfield Ag News

Cover crops can offer many benefits ranging from increased soil health to weed suppression. However, these benefits do not come without a cost. Have a plan to manage the ill effects a cover crop could have on your cash crop to ensure a successful transition from cover to cash crop. The good news is there are simple steps to mitigate potential issues and have a positive experience with cover crops.

The most commonly used cover crops in the Burrus Seed footprint overwinter and require spring termination. Two major decisions growers must make are method of termination and timing.

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Managing cover crops in the spring does not have to be difficult, it just needs to be planned out. Have that plan in place prior to spring so you, your chemical supplier and applicator are all on the same page to ensure timely termination, nutrient and pest management. A well communicated plan will eliminate headaches in the spring and allow for a successful planting of your cash crop. If you have any questions about cover crop termination contact your Burrus Representative.