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Dear Grower,

At Burrus, we have our sights set on 2020 planting. We can now begin to put the 2019 crop year behind us and focus ahead. 20/20 vision is considered a clear, focused view. We believe we can help you lock onto a clear view for 2020 planting by listening to your needs, learning about your operational goals and selecting the products to best fit those needs.

We realize every farm is unique. It is clear to us that growers have individual goals for themselves, their families and their farms – so a blanket recommendation of products and technologies is not a good fit. Who knows your farm better than you? We can try and capture all the data in the world, but until we truly understand what and how you are trying to accomplish your goals, we can only make suggestions. Our ultimate goal is o find the best fit for you.

We work hard at helping each grower maximize their return on investment. Growers work hard to guide their farms in the right direction each year and choosing a seed supplier is an important decision. Choosing a company you can trust is key.

At Burrus we say, “How we farm has changed but who we are has not.” We are proud of our history in the seed industry and most importantly helping growers. For instance, we have offered 100% free replant on our seed corn since the beginning in 1935 and continue to do so today. We believe we helped make it a standard in the industry and we’ve never wavered because we believe it is the right thing to do. Our goal has always been to guarantee our customers a growing start.

Putting growers first remains our passion today. Our multi-brand strategy is evidence of that. We offer choice of traits, technologies and germplasm across our entire portfolio of corn and soybeans. It goes back to finding the ‘best fit’ for the grower and not just the best fit from what we have to offer – like some suppliers. We understand when you win, we have the opportunity to win as well. Treating people right is still important today.

Independent seed companies provide a valuable tool to American farmers and our system is unique to the U.S. Our choices allow growers more control over their own operations instead of being tied to one platform or technology package. We are proud to be big enough to win but small enough to care.

To the growers who put their trust in us, we thank you and work hard each day to continue earning that trust. If you haven’t been planting Burrus, we encourage you to give us an honest try and see how we can find the best fit for you and your operation.

Tim Greene, President

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