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How we farm has changed. Who we are has not.

Dear Grower,

First of all, thank you – farming is challenging work and growers rarely get credit for doing all they do. For most, the decision to farm is as much a labor of love as it is a means of putting food on the table and a roof over your head. We love farming too, and our business allows us to not only farm but help our fellow growers by providing quality seed products at a fair price.

The 2020 calendar year marks 85 years of doing what we love. Since 1935, we have farmed the same ground raising seed to help growers maximize their farm’s potential. What started as an effort to help neighbors reap the yield benefits of hybrid seed corn now has a market footprint touching 5 states. Over the years, how we farm has changed but who we are has not. When you are fortunate enough to celebrate 85 years in the seed business, we realize our good fortune and are humbled by the thought of how many hard working farm families have put trust in us along the way.

New seed technologies, genetic breakthroughs and the digitalization of farm data continue to light the path for American agriculture. So yes, with all these advancements the way we farm has changed. What has not changed is our commitment to growers. We strive to listen to each individual operation’s needs, learn what they are trying to accomplish and find the best practical fit for their farm.

Having access to all major trait platforms and genetic programs for both corn and soybeans keeps us on the leading edge. These options help us craft seed solutions unique to our growers’ operations. A great example is our relationship with GDM and their DONMARIO brand soybeans. We were the first company in the United States to offer DONMARIO brand soybeans powered by their global germplasm. Being independent and finding the best opportunities has its advantages. When we find those advantages, we share them with out growers. 

2020 planting capped an exciting sales year for us as we experienced growth in market share in both corn and soybeans. We recognize that would not have been possible without growers putting their trust in us – trust to bring them honest information, trust to bring them great products, and trust to bring them great service, all at a fair price.

We do not know what the 2020-2021 sales season will bring for us or the growers who depend on us, but rest assured we will be there to listen, learn and help you find your best fit. 

We realize your farm isn’t just any farm, so why plant just any seed? Experience Burrus.

Tim Greene, President


They fit you into a mold. We break the mold to fit you. Burrus

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