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85 years of dedication to helping growers succeed.

Dear Grower,

85 years! While 2020 has been a challenging year, one positive thing is Burrus Seed celebrating 85 years in the seed business. What started out as two brothers looking to increase their productivity with the goal of helping their neighbors do the same has grown into a company recognized as a regional leader for corn and soybeans in the seed industry.

While we are proud to continue the Burrus Seed legacy, we are humbled by the overwhelming support from both employees and customers over the years. We are grateful for generational employees, dealers and customers. Our roots run deep… we had a Dixon on our sales team for over 60 years as Edwin, followed by son Gene, manned a west central Illinois and Missouri sales territory. Orval Fricke was our plant manager as we began this journey and he was a full-time employee for 50 years while his son Roger followed in his footsteps and retired from our production team as well after 40 years. The Frye family from Mason county boasts a long family history with Burrus of over 70 years as well with Delbert selling Burrus Seed to friends and neighbors followed by son Jay. We have dealers like the Leary family that are now in their third generation of selling Burrus Seed in their community. It truly takes a village and we are beyond proud and grateful!

How we farm has changed, who we are has not.
How we farm has changed…now that’s an understatement! We have witnessed unparalleled advancement in genetics, traits/technology and seed treatments. All these segments are vital to the seed industry and we strive to capture all the advantages of each. We are in a strong position to do so because we have maintained our independence over all these years. Being independent has allowed us to work with all suppliers and not become tied to a single genetic source trait platform. Being independent is the main reason we developed our multi-brand strategy. The Burrus family of brands currently includes our Burrus brand, Power Plus® and DONMARIO™ brands. Each specific brand provides us unique pieces to help complete the puzzle of finding the best fit for our growers.

A lot has changed but who we are has not. We have had the same family ownership for the entire 85 years! We work to stay true to our roots and our passion of finding unmatched ways to help growers succeed. We work hard to be the best, solution-focused seed company in our footprint. Simply put – We CARE.

Big enough to win yet small enough to care.
Big enough to win is achieved by accessing all different types of options from genetics to traits to seed treatments. When you look at last year’s independent results, DONMARIO is a prime example. Our DONMARIO brand lineup went head to head in many independent, third party plots and came away victorious more often than not. We look forward to building on that success this year and into the future as well. Producing and conditioning our own seed is another sign that we are big enough to win. When we produce our own seed, we can ensure the best in class quality that has become our industry trademark. Small enough to care does not have anything to do with the size of the company. It means we are a tight-knit group that still goes to work each day trying to help our friends and neighbors increase the potential of their farm. When you use the Burrus family of products, we take your success personally because our name is on the bag. We will continue to put growers first. We still believe if we listen to understand and learn each grower’s unique needs, we can provide the best fit, practical solution so we can continue to succeed together.

From the entire Burrus Seed family, thank you. If you are one of our long-time, generational customers or a prospective, new customer reading our Harvest Report for the first time, thank you for investing your time to learn more about our company and our products. Many feel that independent seed companies provide a valuable tool to the ag industry by helping keep the multi-nationals in check. With your help, we will continue to provide choice to allow growers more control, so they can make the decisions best suited for their operation.

We look forward to another year of success and building a legacy with you.

Tim Greene, President


They fit you into a mold. We break the mold to fit you. Burrus

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