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Dear Grower,

As the famous Bob Dylan song goes, “The times, they are a changin’.” To say the seed industry is changing would seem like an understatement to many. The buyout (Bayer buying Monsanto), the merger (Dow merging with DuPont), and the acquisition (ChemChina purchasing Syngenta) captured most of the ag headlines over the past 18 months. Every “major” in the seed industry has incurred drastic changes in one way or another. Yet, even with tremendous changes happening in the industry, we at Burrus are keeping our head down and our shoulder to the wheel for our customers. We don’t have the distractions of introducing a new business model or accepting someone else’s way of doing business.

We don’t covet the headlines, it isn’t who we are. Since our beginning in 1935, our goal has always been to provide the best products, services and advice to help those who grow our products be successful and profitable. We take our position as an independent seed company very seriously. We give our growers choice with a multiple brand strategy that allows all types of genetic platforms and trait packages. I don’t think I’ve ever met a grower who didn’t like to have choices. Most growers choose to be independent for a variety of reasons – reasons similar to our own.

The Burrus advantage is evident to those who grow the Burrus family of products. Our excellent product lineup is the start, but when you include our outstanding folks in the field, the advantage becomes magnified. We have a team of experts dedicated to helping growers choose the right products to fit their particular needs and management styles. Our team includes those who condition your seed with years of experience guiding them, as well as the professional sales people asking relevant questions to find the solutions to meet your needs. Other team members include our customer service staff who answer the phones and field many of the behind-the-scenes questions; also, our excellent agronomic and research staff. This compilation of experts work together on a daily basis for the benefit of our customers.

We know when you choose to plant Burrus, you have chosen to Plant Your Legacy.

– Tim Greene, President

We know when you choose to plant Burrus, you have chosen to Plant Your Legacy. Trust the third and fourth generation family members at Burrus to protect your legacy. From our multi-generational farmer dealers, whose grandfathers or great-grandfathers started with Burrus, to our multi-generational staff, we know the importance of legacy. To all our loyal growers who have placed their trust in us, thank you. We do not take that lightly.

We share helpful information in a variety of ways. Use this Product Selection Guide as a tool to help select products that will work for your operation. Talk to your local Burrus Dealer or Account Manager to get the detailed information for the best products to match your operation’s goals and management style. Utilize our MyFarmsSM Crop Optimization Planner (COP) to solidify those choices, making a plan for each acre. Utilize our years of experience and local testing to target the best products and let us help you Plant Your Legacy.

Tim Greene, President

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