2 Field Agronomists

The Burrus Sales Team and Burrus Seed growers are supported by our 2 Field Agronomists. They are an additional resource for our growers when questions arise on our corn and soybean products and any field concerns throughout the season.

Burrus Field Agronomists

Field Agronomists Chris Brown and Dana Harder link the Research Team to Burrus growers. They work with Account Managers to advise growers on the best placement for products. They communicate research findings to growers and relay grower concerns back to the Research Team.

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Chris Brown, CCA | Field Agronomist
Dana Harder, CCA | Field Agronomist

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For convenient access to information on agronomic topics important to you, we encourage you to subscribe to the Burrus Buzz. A brief electronic newsletter delivered to your inbox twice a month. Our Field Agronomists write articles about the current concerns growers are facing in their fields. Each email also contains the latest company news and product offers to keep you informed.

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Burrus Communications

Burrus Online – The Burrus Seed website is your resource for company, product and agronomic information. There are multiple articles available covering crop management topics relevant to our growers. There are also grower resources including planting, replanting and scouting guides. There is even a search bar to quickly find the content you are looking for with a simple keyword.

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