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Hughes Hybrids : 75 Years of Seed

The multi-brand strategy of the Burrus-Hughes alliance is the optimal way to access better corn and soybean genetics to fit the way you farm. Combine the multi-brand strategy with our responsive local service and you get access to products and traits of major companies that single suppliers can’t match. This valuable partnership takes advantage of industry best practices to deliver increased opportunity to our growers.

Who is Hughes Hybrids?

Earl Hughes
Earl M. Hughes, Sr., circa 1952

In 1929, Earl M. Hughes sold his first lot of barley seed. At that time, the majority of McHenry County farms were dairies. Hughes was no exception and milked cows, fed beef, raised chickens, and farrowed hogs. In addition, Earl specialized in raising seed oats for many years. By the time of World War II, Earl was growing hybrid seed corn for sale. In subsequent years, Hughes farm produced seed was shipped to the east coast by railcar to retail seed companies. In 1967, the Hughes Hybrids brand was formed to retail the then new single cross corn hybrids directly to farmers. During the 1970’s and 1980’s the Hughes Hybrids brand grew rapidly with the success of products such as 39-A, 5404, and 5870.

In the 1990’s, Hughes brand soybeans were developed. Today, Hughes markets locally-adapted corn, soybean, and alfalfa products to farmers in Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and Northeastern Iowa. Over the last seventy-five years, farming has changed, but the principles that have kept Hughes growing have stayed the same. We have kept our focus on products and service for our local area and have never wavered. We are farmers in the business of serving farmers.

What Makes Hughes Different?

Earl Hughes
Don, Dave & Jim Hughes

Hughes is different because we have a local focus. We are not a national company trying to make one product work across many growing areas. We develop and support varieties just for your operation. We have years of experience working with farmers that live and farm where you do.


Plant Your Legacy

Why Should I plant Hughes Seeds?

To make more money. Our goal is to partner with our customers to learn about their operation and its unique needs. We then work to provide solutions to these problems that will increase net return per acre. Farmers return to us because of the consistent performance of our products and our excellent local knowledge. Hughes is committed to finding the most profitable solutions to bring to your farm.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Call the corn hotline toll free at 1-888-THE-CORN (1-800-823-2676) to find your nearest Hughes representative or get detailed product information.

Choose Hughes and find out how we can deliver independent performance to you.



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Hi folks, we are getting ready for customer tours, so I thought you might like to see some clips from the conditioning plant. We are currently processing soybeans. This first clip is beans in the air/screen machine which is the first step in the cleaning process. This machine uses an air shear and reciprocating screens to separate large and small debris from the seed.

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