Burrus Hybrids is an American, fourth-generation, farm-family owned seed company committed to outstanding quality and exceptional service. We offer a complete hybrid lineup, with the most current trait technology and as much access to germplasm as any company in the seed industry.

The Burrus 100% free replant policy since 1935 assures farmers a growing start each year. We are farmers just like you, so we have traditional values and live by The Golden Rule.

Do you produce your own seed?

Nearly the entire production of Burrus seed is located within a several mile radius of Arenzville, Ill. With approximately 80% of our seed farms irrigated, the Burrus commitment to performance and value remains high.

Do you distribute seed in addition to your own?

To ensure that Burrus customers have cutting edge trait technology and a full-spectrum of product choices, we proudly distribute Catalyst® brand seed, Optimum® AcreMax® single-bag refuge, and Power Plus® brand seed.

  • Syngenta’s Catalyst brand corn offers growers hybrids containing Syngenta germplasm and Agrisure trait technology.
  • Optimum® AcreMax® single-bag refuge is available for above-ground protection, as well as for both above-and-below-ground protection.
  • Power Plus brand seed distributed in partnership with Pioneer Hi-Bred allows farmers access to many varieties of corn and soybeans, along with some of the premier germplasm development programs in the world.

Being independent, is your access to germplasm limited?

The over-arching commitment at Burrus Hybrids is to increase profitability for our customers, and that means bringing performance and value to them. Because of that commitment, we continually are looking for distribution opportunities to provide wide access to germplasm. You will find that Burrus Hybrids has as much access to germplasm as any company in the seed industry. Couple that with the Burrus personal touch to you the grower, and the choice is clear – the Burrus Hybrids portfolio of products.

Do you have software that helps with hybrid selection?

The BurrusCOP powered by MyFarmsSM, places the power of a science backed farming system to maximize profitability across all of your acres.

The BurrusCOP recommends products by leveraging proprietary research data, product ratings, and your field specific knowledge to quickly fit the best seed variety and planting rate for each of your fields. The solution combines data such as soil types, field and equipment details, and farm-specific management practices with regional product performance ratings managed by Burrus.

The end result is that you quickly find the best product combination for each field. Some unofficial estimates are that science backed farming increases yields by nearly 40 bpa. Contact your Burrus Seed rep to learn how we can help you turn bytes into bushels.

When can I prepay with a discount?

Early Pay Savings Opportunities

Date Postmarked By: Percentage of Cash Discount:
09-10-18 12.0%
10-10-18 11.0%
11-10-18 10.5%
12-10-18 10.0%
1-10-19 9.0%
2-11-19 5.5%
3-11-19 4.5%
4-10-19 3.5%

All bills are due and payable June 30, 2019. Postmark by the listed deadlines. Discount rate is reduced by 2% when MasterCard, Discover, or VISA is used. We also offer financing options through John Deere Financial and Rabo AgriFinance. Ask your Account Manager for complete details..

Is a grain premium available when I grow Burrus?

There are several opportunities to Identity Preserve grain from Burrus Hybrids. If we are not listed for a premium opportunity near you, please help us by sharing the decision maker’s name with Burrus Sales Manager Brian Reed, and asking that facility to consider Burrus.

Why should I plant Burrus?

Besides top yield from a full suite of products featuring the latest in cutting-edge technology, you will find Burrus is extremely easy to do business with. Integrity still matters to us, and we still do business with a handshake. Whether it’s our agronomists and precision farming consultant with you in the field offering advice or our 100% free replant ensuring a growing start, you’ll find that the whole Burrus experience is focused on you maximizing profitability across all acres.

You have agronomists and a precision farming consultant on staff?

Absolutely. Being committed to bringing you performance and value means that you need answers right away when questions arise about equipment, insects, weather, and those things you’ve never seen before. Our professionals are accessible, responsive, and have real-world, immediately applicable ideas and solutions.

Is Burrus committed to the future?

Numbers tell the story – Burrus has a strong history of sales growth. Come tour our facility and you’ll see and feel our long-term commitment. Our robotic blending and packaging operation is on the forefront of technological advancements in the seed industry while our strategic partnerships and distribution arrangements allow Burrus to be agile and meet your needs quickly. Or, talk to any of our customers or vendors. You’ll find that Burrus is always looking ahead.


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2018 Burrus Product Selection Guide.