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Dear Grower,

At Burrus, we strive to meet the needs of our growers, being farmers ourselves, we are able to understand those needs better than most. As a multi-generational, independently owned business in an industry of multinational giants, we are in business for the sole purpose of helping growers be more profitable. We take it as a personal thrill to get a call from a grower combining corn reporting, “This is the best corn I have ever raised.”

We don’t just sell sacks of seed, we sell success. Our multi-brand strategy puts us a step ahead of the game. Providing growers with choice is a big deal. With Burrus, this means you can rotate corn rootworm traits from field to field supporting the long-term durability of CRW Bt. Our single bag refuge products ensure compliance in one step — fill the planter and go!

In soybeans, our strategy provides the option of rotating herbicide trait systems from glyphosate tolerant to LibertyLink® and Roundup Ready 2 XtendTM technologies, reducing the chance of weed resistance while getting the same high quality products and service you expect from Burrus. In the near future, we will be offering additional stacked trait beans with two or more modes of action for greater durability, too. Use of these options can mitigate future weed resistance by limiting repetition of the same modes of action on any farm. As an independent, we can offer more choice; use it to your advantage.

Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to seed production! After four decades of interplant seed corn production, we are now developing an even more advanced method using a unique 2 and 1 wide row system. It allows more sunlight for the highly productive but weak pollinators to produce adequate pollen for maximizing seed yields. We are old fashioned in that we own much of the land where we produce our seed. This gives us the freedom to implement a more effective seed corn production system. Higher seed yields and better quality equals more bushels in your bin. This is why Burrus is winning more acres every year.

Our seed gets the best treatment to protect each kernel from disease, insects and nematodes. Our biologicals stimulate root growth and fast grow-off, even in cold, wet conditions. For 2017, we have added another component to our seed corn treatment package that protects the plant from some resistant strains of Pythium that have caused damping off as the plant transitions to its permanent root system.

With constant consolidation in the seed industry, some independents still thrive.

The extra attention Burrus spends on many small details means extra profitability for you. Things like hooded spraying to improve purity, four-color color sorting, double gravitying, and pre- harvest methods to control seed size and improve cold germination are just a few on the list. We have furnished 100% free replant for 82 years because we are just as invested in you getting a stand as you are.

Our ancestors taught us traditional values that we still live by today. These core values have been critical in our success year after year. In this Harvest Report, you can easily see real-time yields from across our footprint, as well as updates on cutting-edge technologies and information to protect your farm from insect, weed and disease resistance. Information that is vitally important to those of us working to leave the farm to the next generation in better condition than when we acquired it.

To our loyal growers who have established a legacy with our company, we thank you for entrusting your livelihood with our family business. If you haven’t tried Burrus, we urge you to take advantage of our Test Drive offer. Plant any of our corn hybrids head-to-head with a competitor’s hybrid of comparable maturity and trait. See how we establish stand and rapidly grow off, then see who wins the yield race at harvest. It it’s not us, you get $1,000. Join the growing number of growers who better understand our value.

Yes, we are confident that Burrus is the best choice. We have corn in our blood and serving you is a privilege, not a job. While the seed industry is in consolidation mode, we are holding to the same company values we have had since 1935. Rest assured we will be here to do business with for decades ahead.

Tom and Dave

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