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Dear Grower,

Whether it’s out Poncho® 500 VOTiVO Powershiel® seed treatment standard at no extra cost or our 24-service guarantee, Burrus does it right.

Other seed companies would view those as upgrades or extra-mile services. Not here! We also have a testing program designed to identify the highest performing products to identify the highest performing products for your local area. We understand that not every acre you farm is flat and black.

Nationwide companies only test on the most productive soils, then choose products that can go far and wide. Those products are good, but often not the very best for your soils and management style.

First and foremost we are farmers like you — that gives us in-the-field practical know-how that boardroom decision makers just don’t have.

For example, out Crop Optimization Planner (COP) through MyFarmsTM is an easy-to-use tool that combines farm knowledge and data with our product knowledge and experience for your individual fields. We can create prescription planting plans to vary your population by soil type and management zone all on the go. We can even write a prescription to change hybrids automatically — you don’t have to worry about anything except the driving.

Our multi-brand strategy puts us a step ahead of the game. With Burrus, this means you can rotate corn rootworm traits from field to gild supporting the long-term durability of CRW Bt. Our single bag refuge products like PowerPlus® brand Optimum® AcreMax® XTreme or Agrisure® 3122 E-Z RefugeTM ensure compliance in one stop in the corn belt. Fill the planter and go!

In soybeans, out strategy provides the option of rotating your herbicide trait system from Glyphosate tolerant to LibertyLin®, reducing the chance of weed resistance while getting the same high quality and service you expect from Burrus.

What it boils down to is that our standard isn’t even on the radar screen for many of our competitors.

You’ll find, too, that Burrus is a non-GM leader. Technology-owned companies often handicap their conventional hybrids to make sure their “high dollar products” are better. We don’t do that... and don’t need to do that. Our conventional products are the best they can be.

Burrus PowerShield® seed treatment for soybeans includes fungicides, insecticides, phytopthera suppression, and biological to encourage root growth and enhance yield. Because we back them with a 100% free replant guarantee, planting early — including ILeVO® for SDS control — can achieve exceptional performance. (We call is PowerShield SDS.)

As an umbrella over everything we do is the Burrus passion to be the best supplier you have. Our seed production techniques provide the utmost care to achieve the highest quality. Scoop your hand into the seed and compare. You can see the difference!

The extra attention Burrus spends on many small details means extra profitability for you — things like hooded spraying to improve purity... four color... color sorting... double gravitying... having the ideal treatment recipe to establish stand under cold, wet conditions that enhance yield — and those are just a few on the list.

What it boils down to is that our standard isn’t even on the radar screen for many of our competitors.

Yes, we are confident that Burrus is the best choice. What we bring to your operation is the best it can be or we wouldn’t put our name on the bag.

Tom Burrus and Dave Hughes

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