We Issue Rain Checks

100% Free Replant on Seed Corn and PowerShield® treated Soybeans.

The entire Burrus family of products, including Burrus, Power Plus®, Hughes, Catalyst® and Hoblit brands qualify for the replant guarantee of free seed, free seed treatment if available, and free tech fees of equal or less value, if from the same technology family. Ask your local dealer or Account Manager for complete details.

On Farm Assessments

To assess compliance, Burrus will use a third-party to conduct IRM compliance assessments for randomly selected set of customers who purchased Bt hybrids as well as Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans. Following each on-farm assessment, it will be determined if the grower is in compliance. If a grower is found to be out of compliance, Burrus will contact the grower prior to the next growing season to provide compliance assistance. Anyone found to be out of compliance will be checked the following two years. Repeated non-compliance can result in loss of access to these technologies.

Growth Advantage

Growers, take advantage of an opportunity to lower seed costs! The Growth Advantage Opportunity helps growers earn additional discounts on new and increased business.

How it Works
If a grower increases seed corn purchases by a minimum of 24 units over the previous year's purchases, or if a new customer purchases a minimum of 24 units of seed corn, they will earn additional discounts on all seed corn purchased under this opportunity. Similarly, a grower with an increase of at least 150 units of soybeans over the prior year's order, or a new grower purchasing at least 150 units of soybeans, can earn additional discounts on all Power Plus®, Hoblit and Hughes soybeans purchased. Please refer to the brochure below for full details and qualifications.

Growth Advantage Brochure

Save Big $$$ on your Seed

Wise seed selection choices might be the difference between profit and loss for the next couple of years. Buying seed based on value rather than price is the first step in the process towards success. Realize that higher value seed might actually save money on other expenses like chemicals or application fees to protect against insect damage. Those same products might also improve yields by protecting the crop from losses due to insect damage. Using seed traits to protect against yield loss can be a great investment.

Obviously, bigger yields are the key to buying seed with greater value. Once the proper product is selected, then consideration should be given to lowering the seed cost. There are 6 ways to earn significant seed cost savings.

  1. 1.Cash discounts can be used to reduce seed costs by as much as $35/unit. Monthly statements act as a reminder to take full advantage of discounts and savings. Also, when returning from your tax advisor, having a statement in hand to pre-pay a seed bill can help minimize your tax load.
  2. 2.Sign all technology-use agreements promptly. Thus easy step can reduce seed costs by $10/unit for corn and $4/unit for soybeans. Sign your agreements when you place your order.
  3. 3.Seed size choices can also reduce seed costs up to $20/unit. The small BX3s and the large BX6s and BX7s are the best choices. Ask about availability.
  4. 4.Utilize programs to reduce seed costs. Special discounts can be earned by being 100% loyal to Burrus, by increasing your Burrus order, and by doing more volume of business with Burrus.
  5. 5.Consider using structured refuge products. The shift towards integrated refuge has left the portfolio of products to include only structured refuge choices with outstanding choices.
  6. 6.If you are looking for every way you can save on seed cost per acre – select flex ear products (called group C). To lower your planting populations and your seed costs per acre, read Stephanie Porter’s article on optimum population.

The savings captured from each of these sources can easily be identified on your statement. Buy Burrus and save big dollars.

Opportunities for Financing

Purpose: To offer our growers the opportunity to pay for their seed early or finance seed purchases for 2019.

Opportunities: Growers have the option of either paying for seed on a set date and receiving an incentive, or financing their seed for a later payment date.

Qualifications: Growers must meet certain financial criteria when using John Deere Financial or Rabo AgriFinance. These criteria are determined by John Deere Financial and Rabo AgriFinance - not by Burrus. Once qualified, growers can choose which plan best supports their needs. All Early Pay options must be postmarked by the deadline date to qualify.

Date Discount
09-10-2018 12.0%
10-10-2018 11.0%
11-10-2018 10.5%
12-10-2018 10.0%
01-10-2019 9.0%
02-11-2019 5.5%
03-11-2019 4.0%
04-10-2019 3.0%
Due date for all accounts is June 30, 2019.

Wear Burrus Gear

Just get your picture in the paper.

Would you like to earn an extra $50?

If a photo of you wearing the Burrus, Hoblit, Hughes, Catalyst®, or Power Plus® logo on a cap, jacket, or shirt is published in a magazine, newspaper or appears on television, Burrus will send you a check. It’s that easy. All you have to do is wear your favorite seed supplier’s name proudly! Simply send us the clip explaining when and where it was published and we will issue you a check for $50 as our way of saying “thank you.” (Sorry, if your photo appears in a Burrus or Hughes publication it does not qualify for reward.)

To make sure you never miss an opportunity, wear your Burrus, Hoblit, Hughes, Catalyst®, or Power Plus® logo every day.


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