The Burrus Crop Optimization Planner

Your farm knowledge combined with our research — a profitable combination.

At Burrus, we recognize nobody knows your land and management better than you. With the Burrus Crop Optimization Planner (COP) powered by MyFarmsSM, your field knowledge and management practices are combined with our years of research data and proprietary product knowledge to create a customized planting plan for each field.

On average, products recommended by the Burrus COP were 12.5 bu/a above the plot average. This equals an additional $100 value per unit of seed. In tight markets, management decisions become increasingly important; the Burrus COP delivers. COP is a whole farm management system designed to help you with all your farm planning and recording needs. You can create and share field maps, track rainfall and maturity, and even monitor for risk of disease.

The value proposition for you the grower continues when you take advantage of our program to offer the Burrus COP to you free of charge. That’s a $500 value for continuing to be a loyal Burrus customer. This is all part of our desire to partner with you to make your farming operation more profitable.

Additionally, Burrus believes in the independence of the American farmer. This means we believe your data is your data. By partnering with an independent third party (MyFarmsSM) that doesn’t sell seed or other strategic inputs, you can have confidence that your field data is safe. Farm data is stored in MyFarmsSM, which does not (and never will) price strategic inputs. This means your map data will not move to anyone else unless you choose to share it.

Burrus believes in investing in your growth by bringing:

  • Diverse seed traits and germplasm with our multi-brand portfolio of products selected for where you grow.
  • Cutting-edge technology that yields in the Burrus COP.
  • Knowledgeable representatives trained as Burrs COP crop placement specialists ready to assist you.
  • The honesty and integrity of a name you can believer in.

Burrus COP Advantages and Functionality

As-Planted Maps

In the early days of precision mapping, the focus was on yield maps generated by the system in your combine. Now, we can map anything, from spray passes to planting. And in tight times like this, you are going to want to know what was used in different areas of your fields.

Once you have the as-planted data layer in your system, you can look to identify trouble spots. Especially when you combine it with our weather data layer for those fields. Areas hard hit by early post-plant rains may be subject to nitrogen leaching that could hit corn yields. That can guide some side- or top-dressing applications on those fields. And you'll also know where to take some counts later in the season to determine if replant will be hitting your bottom line.

Those as-planted maps can also give you an early heads up about any new varieties you planted. When checking fields you'll have an easy reference showing what hybrids are where in your fields. If you've planted a new hybrid, you will be able to spot it more quickly and can evaluate how it is performing in your field.

The key is to get the data from tractor to computer soon so you know the quality of what you collected and can determine how best to use this valuable information to help with future decision-making.

Yield Maps

Now you can bring in your yield maps from any display. Yield maps are a good starting point for developing a site specific program for your farm. High and low yielding areas point out where the most productive combination of activities occur and where something is limiting. The next question is what is causing the variability in yield? Fertility, hybrid, compaction, soil, water or any number of other factors may have had an influence. One thing is certain, yield maps always provide the opportunity to evaluate your field’s year over year and help you in discussions with your Burrus representative.

Crucial Analysis for Better Management

Once again, MyFarms delivers by giving you the ability to layer yield with various data including Product, Soil Type, and Planting Rate. Analyzing the data provides insight as to what is affecting yield and can help you determine what management options are available. The choice is yours, do you just have a pretty picture in the competition or do you have a management tool in Burrus COP and the MyFarms system?

  • Yield x Product Analysis
  • Yield x Soil Type Analysis
  • Yield x Planting Rate Analysis

Mapping Granularity and Precision

MyFarms went back to the drawing board to bring on new mapping technology to gain greater resolution of your map data layers. What does this mean for you? Greater granularity in your maps yields a greater level of understanding as to what is going on in your fields. This means better decision making. But they didn’t just increase the resolution of the map data, they also improved the engine’s ability to process the maps more quickly. The end result is a greater level of detail achieved in less time. Accelerating your decision making process with greater speed and data granularity means more accurate decisions made with less time in front of the computer and more time getting the work done out in the field or in the shop.

Alert System

When you convert your Planting Plans to Planting Records, you are automatically enrolled in our alert system. Our alert system is designed to help you efficiently scout and manage threats to boost your operation’s income. We currently have 3 different alerts set up in our system.

  • Emergence
  • Silking
  • Grey Leaf Spot

We are continuing to look at and evaluate where additional alert systems are feasible and would help bring value to you and your operation. These alerts will help you know when a field is nearing a threshold so you can focus your scouting efforts where it is most likely to be needed. The alerts are based upon a model driven by specific variety knowledge and research, as well as environmental factors experienced in that field.

Variable Rate Seeding Rx

Low corn and soybean prices demand more efficient input utilization across your fields. If you have Variable Rate Seeding (VRS) technology on your farm, you can leverage the power of the Burrus COP and the MyFarms system to increase yields as well as maximize the value of your seed investment. The VRS Rx Plan automatically flexes around the best of what you know about each field to identify the best seeding rate for each acre.

You can use soil types to create your seeding strategy without extra effort. If you have experience in a field, you can create hand-drawn productivity zones. Or if you have yield maps, bring them into the conversation with your seed advisor. Burrus COP powered by MyFarms takes the best of what you know to find the best rate for each acre.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of this powerful tool, contact your Burrus representative or the precision agriculture team: Josh Gunther or Chip Turner. We look forward to helping you leverage the power of the Burrus COP and MyFarms system.


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