Drought Tolerant Hybrids from Burrus

Growers can exercise control over many aspects of crop production.

Generations worth of research and development have brought technologies and management practices allowing control of pests, weeds, and soil fertility in ways unimagined a few decades ago. However, weather is an essential aspect of production that remains wholly uncontrollable. Even when everything is done right, without rain, the crops will not grow. Irrigation helps, but it is not an option for everyone and with concerns over aquafer sustainability and stability, certain areas of the country could see use of irrigation curtailed. We can’t change the weather, but researchers have worked to change corn, resulting in hybrids that are more stress tolerant and use water more efficiently.

Optimum® AQUAmax® products are the result of years of research and development by DuPont Pioneer. Researchers began by identifying lines that performed well under drought conditions and had a number of desirable agronomic traits. They then created a genetic fingerprint of these lines and developed new hybrids. The new hybrids were genetically tested to ensure the identified genes were inherited. If a hybrid inherited the genes coded for enhanced stress tolerance, it advanced to yield testing under drought conditions and in high yielding environments. Those hybrids that exceeded check means under drought conditions and equaled or exceeded check means in high yielding environments were advanced for commercialization. Long story short, Optimum AQUAmax products bring great yields under normal, low stress growing conditions and offer improved performance under drought conditions.

To develop Agrisure Artesian®, Syngenta scientists started by identifying genes associated with increased drought tolerance. Then, selected plants containing these genes for use in testing and development. The new hybrids were extensively tested in both water limited environments and under high yielding, low stress conditions. Only hybrids containing the specific genes coded for improved drought tolerance and yield significantly better than check averages in both low stress and drought environments receive the Artesian label. Artesian hybrids are designed to maximize yield when it rains and increase yields when it doesn’t.

Neither Optimum AQUAmax nor Agrisure Artesian are transgenic traits. Since both were developed utilizing genes native to corn, it is possible to offer conventional hybrids carrying the labels. Both products are available in premier genetic packages, adding yield in normal, low stress growing seasons. In addition, both technologies offer about a 10% increase in yield under drought conditions when compared to similar hybrids that do not have water optimization technology as part of their genetic make-up.

Through our multi-brand strategy, Burrus is able to offer growers both Optimum AQUAmax and Agrisure Artesian products to protect your bottom line when it rains and when it doesn’t.

Power Plus® with Optimum® AQUAmax®

  • Power Plus® 2N82 AMTM*

  • Power Plus® 4J95 AMXTM*

  • Power Plus® 4J93 AMTM*

  • Power Plus® 4J90 TM*

  • Power Plus® 4J99 RTM*

  • Power Plus® 6N83 AMTM*

Catalyst, Burrus, and Hughes with Agrisure Artesian®

  • Hughes 9C24 3010A

  • Catalyst 6216 3111A

Products with Excellent Drought Tolerance

  • Power Plus® 2R63 RTM*

  • Power Plus® 2R67TM*

  • Power Plus® 6F74 AMXTM*

  • Power Plus® 6F71 RTM*

  • Catalyst 7577 3010

Products with Very Good Drought Tolerance

  • Power Plus® 1G39 AMTM*

  • Hughes 3442

  • Power Plus® 1G48 AMXTTM*

  • Power Plus® 2F91 AMXTTM*

  • Power Plus® 2Y06 AMTM*

  • Power Plus® 2B77 AMXTTM*

  • Hughes 5124 GT

  • Catalyst 5009 3220

  • Power Plus® 5K35 AMXTM*

  • Power Plus® 5K33 AMTM*

  • Power Plus® 6C41 STM*

  • Power Plus® 6C40TM*

  • Power Plus® 6L45 AMTTM*

  • Burrus 6T54 3000GT

  • Burrus 6Q60

  • Burrus 6T51 GT

  • Power Plus® 7H23 STM*

  • Power Plus® 7U15AMTM*

  • Power Plus® 7H20TM*

  • Power Plus® 7A18 QTM*


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